The Painting and The Common Vein

Ashley Davidoff MD

Copyright The Common Vein 2014

On Art – The artist places brushstrokes and sometimes dots of different color and texture together in pursuit of creating  something new, surprising , and whole – a new Oneness. 


Units, bonds and driving forces in the context of space and time are part of art.

The painting is an example .

The Brush Strokes Depicting Three Adults in a Space
The artist attempts to create a wholeness out of the units and the art succeeds if the wholeness is depicted and sensed by the observer.  The artist wants to tell a story and uses size shape position and color of individual brush strokes to do this.   Davidoff Art Copyright 2014

The final piece becomes whole and stands alone but in the context of the art studio,  home, or museum .  There is occasion when an art piece makes you stand in awe at the miracle of the genius artist who has give the world a glimpe of wholeness.

When the Parts are Dots
“A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” by
Georges Seurat 1884  Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Artist Christa Rijneveld combines lines with dots to create landscapes.
Courtesy My Modern Met